First Impressions

It’s been over a week since a handful of employees moved into the new building. We asked a few team members how they like their new working environment. Here is what they had to say:

“So far my two favorite work spaces are Leelanau and Torch . I feel as if the new building shows we are invested in our employees and signifies a bright future for Viking as a whole and brings excitement to its employees to see what the future holds.” – Russell Werra

“I love the new building for its unique ability to offer us both better collaboration or privacy opportunities. With all the meeting rooms, it’s much easier to sit with your team and work together, but there are also private enclaves that allow you to step away from the office space and get some work done quietly.” – Darby Oswald

“The new office allows for a momentous increase in motivation. From the different types of conference rooms, high tops, and open office space it truly shows how Viking continues to value and invest in its employees. I feel, within the next 3-6 months, the different types of opportunities to grow within the corporation will be tremendous.” – Kyle Reeves

There are so many great aspects to our new home … I don’t know where to start.  I am particularly impressed with all the technology in the new building.  From the conference rooms to the digital signage to new laptops and monitors, everything has worked seamlessly.” – Jeff Norton

We are excited to have everyone at the new building!



Photos by First Companies, Inc.

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