Viking Change Agents Visit New Site

The Viking Change Agent Team recently toured the construction site of Viking’s new Headquarters in Caledonia, MI. The members of this committee were selected by leadership from different areas of the company and act as a liaison between their teams and those designing the new space.

The change agents meet bi-weekly to discuss specifics about the Caledonia facility, reporting questions and concerns from their teammates, as well as developing “best policies” for the move. They are the eyes and ears for Viking leadership, ensuring that all employees feel prepared for the move to the new facility.

“Those of us on the Change Management team know how important it is to maintain an open mind throughout the entire process,” said Kyle Reeves, a change agent representing the Inventory Replenishment team. “We are all one team, working for a great organization that demonstrates employee involvement.”

Members of the Change Management Team: Jed Pipe, Matt Crites, Mike Oldham, Kyle Reeves, Noel Groom, Melissa Roobol, Tami Barnes, Katie Teunessen, Jennifer Barrett, Deb Baker

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